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Haojue TR300 may be changed, patent picture exposure!
Release date:2023.12.28

Recently, some media broke the news that Haojue's TR300 is likely to launch a modified model, and there are suspected patent pictures exposed.

However, after comparison, we found that the probability of the car and TR300 has no relationship, for three reasons.

1, the frame is thin.

The frame on the patent drawing is apparently the backbone frame commonly used on 125/150 models, which is difficult to carry a two-cylinder engine above 250.


2, the vehicle setting is not consistent with the Haojue TR family.

Long wheelbase has always been one of the features of cruise cars, but on the patent drawing, it can be found that the wheelbase of this car is relatively conventional, the front wheel fender and the frame are very close, and the vehicle setting is not in line with the consistent style of cruise cars.

3, the detail style is not like the grand TR family.

Whether it is the rearview mirror, or the headlights, from the details of the depiction can not find the figure of the Haojue TR family.


The handlebars are set higher from the side, and the front shock absorber is still upright and equipped with a dust jacket. There are oblate trim pieces on the side of the frame, which is similar to the Wuji CU525. Judging from the results of the frame mounting, it should not be equipped with the V-type two-cylinder engine previously exposed.


In fact, Haojue in design and other domestic brands are the same, using the way of reference, the engine, frame, appearance are no exception. Take TR300 for example, the whole vehicle frame for reference and left the design of Kawasaki small Vulcan, but Haojue does not want to look at too cottage to change to change it without their own things. Haojue in the design of the reference is not only TR300, such as a 150 reference to the design of Honda, a 125 reference to the design of Suzuki UY.

From the above we can only think that although Haojue in quality control can, but if the major manufacturers only do the old three, the quality is not too bad, the key is in the middle row technology, Haojue technical reserves may still be lacking, or Haojue in slow work out fine work, as long as the product stability is strong, quality control is good, slow this can also understand. What kind of car will Haojue offer the majority of motorcycle friends, let us wait and see!

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