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The Kawasaki ZX-4R is no longer the only one, the Honda God car CB400SF may be introduced into China!
Release date:2023.12.28

Honda restarted the small and medium-sized cylinder model project, this is not a new thing. Recently, the new car design patent drawing was exposed, so that the news is more solid. Next year, the Honda 400 cylinder is likely to be sold in China. If the retail price is controlled below 50,000 yuan by means of five or new domestic assembly, then 2024 will be the peak moment of the independent brand four-cylinder machine and Honda four-cylinder machine.

Judging from the patent drawings, this car uses a classic styling similar to the CB400SF. This means that Honda may be planning a new motorcycle to continue the glory of its classic model. The car retains many of the classic design elements of the CB400SF, such as round headlights, body lines, etc. Such a design can not only evoke the nostalgia of old users, but also attract the attention of new users. Of course, the patent also shows some new design elements, such as a more streamlined body and a more stylish front face, which may be designed to cater to the aesthetic needs of modern users.

The CB400 was first introduced in 1992, until the fourth generation model CB400SF was launched in 2007, during which time it became a well-deserved car in the hearts of motorcycle friends because of its excellent performance and excellent design. However, due to emission regulations, CB400 had to withdraw from the stage, which also became a regret in the hearts of two generations of Moyou.


For many old motorcycle friends, the CB400SF is not only a motorcycle, but also a memory of their youth. Many of them are transitioning from the water wheel era, so this car has a special emotion for them. Even today, there are still many motorcycle friends who are obsessed with this classic model, hoping to experience its excellent performance and handling again.

Since the introduction of Kawasaki ZX-4R into China at the Beijing Motor Show, with its excellent performance and excellent design, it has been the focus and favor of motorcycle enthusiasts. Maybe it just hit a nerve in Honda. This really echoes the saying: what we can't think of or do, competitors will help us think of doing! CB40SF has shouted for many years, and it has not been introduced, well, Sichuan Cloth Asaki has helped the majority of Mo friends to do it.

While there are no further details about the new motorcycle at this time, this patent application by Honda shows that they are actively exploring new market opportunities and working to meet the needs of users. If this patent application is officially approved, we may see this new motorcycle on the market in the future, let's wait and see.

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