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Review: Honda CB750, the 'rebirth' of the Hornet
Release date:2023.12.28

It has been said that Honda still lacks a 500-1000cc range of hardcore performance power platform, in the middleweight market change, Honda also launched a new Hornet CB750.

When it comes to the CB750, there's a story to tell. As early as 1969, Honda launched a CB750, with an in-line four-cylinder engine, at that time, a large-displacement four-cylinder model is absolutely a blast news, so that the car was launched immediately caused a sensation, the impact of the entire industry is very far-reaching, and it is also called the first supermotorcycle.

Honda built on the success of the CB750 with a number of four-cylinder models, including the CB600F, also known as the Hornet, in 1989. This car in Europe was once a street car sales champion, part of the water bike friends should be better understood, there is also a 900cc version.

In 2023, Honda once again launched the CB750 Hornet, but it uses a new platform, no longer a four-cylinder, but the newly developed 750 twin cylinder, so today let's talk about the new CB750.


Modeling design

To be honest, when it comes to the car design, the CB750 Hornet does not seem to be particularly outstanding or distinctive as a new car. Put the CB500 next to it and compare it, you will find that the entire physique and lines are very different, at most there are some changes in details.

Honda has always been more rigorous in design, it is a set of design specifications and language. For example, if I want to produce a CB street car now, it must follow some of the specifications of CB street cars, on this basis you can make some small changes, but it must be connected with the entire car series. So we can see that the new CB750 Hornet looks like a Honda CB series model, but it is an entirely new car.

The CB750 Hornet's front face design is more visual, but not that cute type, the new wasp still gives people a sense of impact and power, and the two sides of the line is also designed more aggressive. In addition, it visually highlights the shock absorber and frame with metal red, which is to highlight the temperament of the car's sports performance from a visual point of view.

When I first saw the handlebars of the new car, I felt almost 190, so thin and very wide, and the strength must be enough. One of the advantages of this is that the entire front of the vehicle will look very delicate visually, and the other is to pass on to us that it will be more flexible to ride.

The CB750 Hornet also does a better job in the visual connection between the tank and the water tank and the front face. The previous connection on the 650R and CB500 is a Mosaic covering, while the 750 is integrated with the oil tank, and the front is more integrated. The downward line of the overlay is more impactful. In addition, the front view of the tank and the water tank will appear wider, and the comparison of the front face makes it more prominent.

The 750 tail doesn't look too amazing, but there are still a lot of details, first of all, the cover pieces on both sides of the seat are relatively wide, and there is a front and back echo of the front shape, and then the taillight area is quickly narrowed, and the cover lines in these areas are also relatively strong.

Power, configuration

New 755CC in-line twin-cylinder water-cooled engine, compression ratio 11:1, maximum power 51kW@7000rpm(69PS), maximum torque 69N·m@6500rpm; This data seems a little puzzling, mainly done castration, the overseas version can play 90 pieces, 75N·m power.

The wheelbase of 1410mm is only one centimeter short of the CB500. Both front and rear wheels are standard 17 "with Michelin Road 5 tyres, front wheel width 120, flat ratio 70, rear wheel width 160, flat ratio 60. Ground clearance 140mm, seat height 795mm, repair mass 190kg, fuel tank volume 15.2 liters.

The front fork adopts Showa SFF-BP 41mm inverted shock absorber, travel 130mm, multi-link structure + center rear shock absorber,5 stages of preload adjustable. Front brake Nissin opposite four piston calipers + double disc, rear Nissin unidirectional single piston calipers + single disc.

The CB750 Hornet is equipped with an electronic throttle and has four riding modes: sport, standard, rainy and custom, which are distinguished by three dimensions: power output, engine braking and traction control, which can be adjusted in custom mode and even the TC can be turned off directly.

Honda also equipped the new car with Hiss anti-theft system, it is a key door, key chip and ECU work together, when the key can be turned to see an Hiss logo.

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