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Motorcycle riding out the secret of low fuel consumption
Release date:2023.12.28

How can a motorcycle ride a low fuel consumption, why your motorcycle fuel consumption with the manufacturer's propaganda or other owners of the gap is so large? There must be a lot of motorcycle friends are confused by this matter.

The first thing to know is that under normal circumstances, the motorcycle most need to overcome the resistance, not from the ground but from the air, different displacement of motorcycles their most fuel-efficient speed range is also slightly different, with 125 pedals for example, the vast majority of 125 pedals the most fuel-efficient speed between 40 and 60 kilometers

Although the pedal with larger displacement can also run out of more economical fuel consumption between 60 and 80 kilometers, if you want to save fuel, you should try to control the speed at about 60 kilometers, because when the speed is too high, the engine's power and fuel consumption are to overcome greater wind resistance.

Whether you are a pedal or straddle model, the engine speed is one of the most important factors affecting the fuel consumption of a motorcycle, scooter using CVT transmission structure, so the manufacturer for transmission optimization direction, can directly determine the power character and fuel consumption level of a scooter, which is why the Japanese pedal engine level and transmission adjustment style will be more fuel efficient, The pedal of Sanyang and Guangyang gives people the feeling that the power is relatively rushed, but the fuel consumption is high.

If it is a straddle model, in the case of no drag, with the lowest speed to hang the most fuel-efficient 6 gear can be, generally 500 displacement models can be hung at about 60 kilometers per hour 6 gear, and larger models at this speed there will be a drag.

Single-trip mileage, which is a point that many riders may ignore, fuel engines have an optimal operating temperature, at which the motorcycle is the lowest vibration, or fuel consumption level, which is why when you run a small distance with the same riding method, it will be more fuel efficient than your daily commute of several kilometers. Because each time the car is reheated, it needs more fuel.

Therefore, if you want to achieve the most economical level of fuel consumption, you must control the speed, avoid rapid acceleration and deceleration, avoid congested sections, and travel long distances.

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