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What circumstance is motorbike fuel consumption heighten
Release date:2019.08.06

               Fuel consumption is the topic that people CARES about, the motorcycle is in after using period of time, fuel consumption rate can increase, power can drop, this is to love the car somewhere appears the performance of the problem. For the motorcycle a little basic knowledge of the car, you can pass several simple means of self-inspection, to find the problem of rising fuel consumption rate.

1, in the travel found that the car taxi distance is significantly reduced, the downhill effect is weakened, empty car implementation is more difficult than before. At this point, the car owner should check that the tire pressure is up to standard. If the tires are underinflated, fuel consumption will increase.

2, found on the road after the wheel swing, should immediately check the tire pressure and wear degree, whether the wheel and cantilever is loose. If the tire wear or insufficient air pressure, will often appear wobble phenomenon, especially in the longitudinal groove of the road.

3. If any abnormal noise is found in the wheel shaft during driving or starting, the bearing and brake system should be checked in time to see if there is any fault. If the wheel rotation is not normal, will affect the speed and stability, and increase fuel consumption.

4. The clutch block of the scooter will slip, which will affect the maximum speed and uphill torque, and also cause overheating of nearby components. When the rapid acceleration found that the engine speed increases very quickly, but the speed increases very slowly, then you can determine that the clutch is slipping.

5, when the motorcycle traveled 20,000 kilometers, usually the piston ring will wear leakage, there will be insufficient cylinder pressure phenomenon. The cold machine is easy to start, but it is not easy to fire successfully. Cylinder sealing is not good, fuel consumption will increase significantly.

6, the start feeling is relatively easy, but the cold machine is not easy to start, after starting the engine is not very powerful, high fuel consumption rate. For a four-stroke engine, valve closure is not tight, affecting the start and work, is often the case, can be adjusted.

7, when the exhaust pipe often smoke, fuel consumption increase, spark plug carbon serious, need to check the air filter and adjust the carburetor. If the carburetor cannot be dismounted and cleaned, spray the cleaner directly to the carburetor air inlet several times while the machine is idling. The empty filter foam core is easy to be blocked by dust, most of the year must be removed and cleaned; After cleaning the air filter and carburetor, if there is no effect, it may be that the oil level is too high, remove the carburetor for cleaning adjustment.

8. The scooter is difficult to start and the fuel consumption rate is always high; The electric heating thickening valve on the carburetor should be checked emphatically. Check if it is hot after starting! If there is no heat, the wiring is usually broken, and in some cars with plunger carburetors, the carburetor is usually adjusted to be very rich in oil in order to accelerate rapidly and powerfully.

9, the vacuum film carburetor on the pedal, to a certain extent, its starting oil hole will be blocked, affecting the starting. That section of the oil circuit is a dead corner, even if the general people remove it is difficult to clean in place, is the carburetor structure on the dead hole. The usual way is to increase the main oil and idle oil, with high and low speed at both ends of the rich oil, to drive the vehicle through this section of lean oil.

10, overnight more difficult to start, the body has gasoline smell; Check the carburetor and fuel system for minor leaks. Some carburetor casings are not tightened, or the oil pipeline has a crack, this kind of chronic oil leakage, unknowingly will also waste a lot. The most hateful is that there are some fine cracks, when driving bumpy oil leakage, and gasoline on the spot volatile hot, very dangerous!

11, when the scooter fuel consumption rate is increasing, have to check the belt and belt tray, Plymouth is not worn? Especially feel the engine more laborious, fuel consumption rate is higher, the speed is not high, usually with belt disc wear. Loose belt disk in operation, belt has a "entrainment" phenomenon; This kind of biting belt condition, will make fuel consumption increase.

12. After the spark plug has been used for one year, the electrode will be ablated by the electric spark = the gap between the electrodes' ignition is too large, and it is not easy to spark when starting. The carburetor is not properly adjusted, long-term oil rich will lead to spark plug carbon accumulation, cold machine is not easy to start fire. Maintenance method: remove the spark plug, manually scrape the carbon accumulation, adjust the electrode gap, test ignition can be several millimeters.